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to categorise (cat¦egor|ise)

verb [T] /ˈkatɪɡərʌɪz/

1. place in a particular class or group

Taxonomy of the Cornflake

An oologist makes a collection of eggs in an attempt to reveal the best examples of morphological patterns, mutations and colourings. Entimologysts or lepidopterists, in order to trace the origin of the species, orchestrate and organise insects or butterflies into family groups, looking for evolutionary links that reveal the ancestry of their subjects.

This collection reflects these same ambitions and yet the species is special, it is not diminished by the intrusion of the collector, it will not become extinct while millions of tons of specimens are created daily in automated processes.

Each specimen is fragile and unique, it occupies the same space as the butterfly and is classified to show the variety of textures, sizes, markings and shapes that are specific to its class.

A part of this collection can seen at the Mmuseumm. Reviews from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Observer.

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Images Courtesy of Mmuseumm