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to categorise (cat¦egor|ise)

verb [T] /ˈkatɪɡərʌɪz/

1. place in a particular class or group

Taxonomy of the Cornflake

An entomologist makes a collection in an attempt to trace the origin of the species, he orchestrates and organises objects into family groups, looking for evolutionary links to reveal the ancestry of his subject.

Millions of tons of Cornflakes are produced by the minute, randomly shaped flakes, created in a completely automated process of continuous cooking, drying and flaking in oven factories. They are poured through giant funnels into cardboard boxes, labelled and crated to be distributed across the country. They are fragile, some break or are crushed but most survive their journey like migrating birds to reach their destination and provide us with a healthy, energising meal at the beginning of our working day.

I am categorising and classifying Cornflakes, like an 19th century naturalist. My collection, reflects the same ambitions as those of the lepidopterist or egg collector but with a subject which has no context or value.

My species will not become extinct due to my collecting, as birds and butterflies may, and there is no scarcity of material for me to collect. I have an unlimited supply of Cornflakes yet each specimen is still rare and precious revealing the best example of morphological patterns, shapes, mutations and colourings which will finally reveal the nature of the primal Cornflake.

A part of this collection can seen at the Mmuseumm. Reviews from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Observer.

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Images Courtesy of Mmuseumm