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2018Radio 4 Podcast'The Boring Talks' The Taxonomy of Cornflakes
2018Contemporary Arts Research Unit CARU Talk 'Are Facts Like Cornflakes?'
2018BBC Channel 4 'Tales of Tudor Travel: The Explorer's Handbook' Historical documentary about 16thC geographer, Richard Hakluyt. Contribution on natural dyeing techniques.
2018Metro Cereal-ist art of cornflakes'
2018The Daily Mail 'Artist's collection of cornflakes is on show at the Royal Academy '
2018The Express 'Flakiest Royal Academy art prize contender ever?'
2018The Sun 'Flake News! Artist’s cerealist work made entirely of CORNFLAKES sells for £900 at a top gallery'
2018The Oxford Mail 'Cornflake art chosen for Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition'
2018BBC Radio Oxford 'Afternoon', Interview 'The Taxonomy of the Cornflake'
2017The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities TORCH Talk 'Made in Imagination'
2016BBC Radio Oxford 'Arts and Culture Show', Interview 'Juxtaposition' at Oxfordshire Museum
2016That's Oxfordshire TV 'Tapestry of Wantage in 2016 '
2015The Observer 'Peer Inside, Briefly, the Smallest Museum in New York '
2015Wall Street Journal 'Tiny Downtown Museum Expands With New Exhibit '
20144 Shires Magazine 'Artist of the Month'
2010BBC Radio Oxford 'Afternoon'
2009Sky – Countryside Channel, 'Talking Threads', Featured Artist
2007BBC Radio Oxford, 'Oxford Inspires'
2007Wellcome News, 'Designs for Life Update'
2007Oxfordshire Life, 'Life's Rich Tapestry', Featured Artist February
2006Oxfordshire Limited Edition, 'A Stitch in Time'

Commissioned Articles

2013Stitch Magazine 'Strawberries'
2013Workbox Magazine 'Once Upon a Time'
2010Stitch Magazine, 'Bras to Bags'
2006Embroidery Magazine 'Designs for Life'
2005Workbox Magazine 'Machine Embroidery with Anne Griffiths'

Featured Publications

2008Batsford'The Encylopedia of Machine Embroidery', Val Holmes, Images
2004Simon & Schuster'WI The Complete Christmas' Co-Author
2000Heinemann Library'Trends in Textile Technology: Dyes and Decoration', Hazel King, Image