Mummification is a form of preserving the human or animal body. It has been practised by many cultures and the earliest deliberately preserved body is that of a child found in Chile and dating back to 5050 BCE.

The Egyptians believed that mummification was necessary for the body to reach the afterlife and the internal organs which were removed during the process were embalmed and stored in canopic jars. These mummified remains were entombed with all the other objects necessary for the spirit to survive and secure a successful rebirth in the afterlife.

It was not only humans that were mummified, animals such as cats, birds and other creatures were viewed as incarnations of gods and were buried at temples which honoured their deities.

The mummified forms in this piece occupy a space between object and creature. The internal form, mechanism and measurements of each object is recorded and catalogued before they are bandaged for preservation and protection. At this time they take on the form of creatures and are interred for the future archeologist to examine and ponder.

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