Cowley Road Carnival

The theme for the carnival is "Time of Our Lives". Thirteen schools have chosen their own themes and will be working with a Dancer and an Artist to produce items for the procession. This could be clothes, jewellery, sculptures etc.

Windmill School in Headington have chosen to work to the theme "Flower Power". During the first session, 15 children between 5 and 10 painted fabric for the banners which will be carried at the front of the group.

Three volunteers from BMW were at each of the sessions and helped the children with all the activities.

The second week was spent tying beads and other small objects into white tee shirts. These will then be dyed green - the school colour.

Next we untied the tee shirts to reveal the patterns made from the tie dye. We also began decorating cut card in the shape of the CND sign and the Ankh which to be worn as jewellery

The children were all excited about carrying the large banners we made in the first week, so we made smaller banners out of card for each child to carry. These were painted in bright colours and had tissue paper balls and sparkles added. Some of the boys measured the sticks and cut them to size to tape to all the banners.

The final week Lizzie McBain made glasses with the children from metallic card and cellophane. These were worn with coloured headbands.

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